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Misha Kidambi ∙ 2024 February 28

Summarized from the article authored by Hélène Draux, Mihai Gherghe, and Juergen Wastl.

The shift towards sustainable ... read more

Misha Kidambi ∙ 2023 December 18

An in-depth look at the OC Processor.

By Mihai Gherghe and Misha Kidambi.

In 2006, mathematician and data scientist Clive Humby gave a talk at a conference where he reportedly used the phrase “read more

Misha Kidambi ∙ 2023 June 07

Pharmaceutical industry to benefit from the strategic acquisition. 

OntoChem GmbH<... read more

Lutz Weber ∙ 2021 October 07

OntoChem has contibuted a presentation on its efforts to identify and extract novel biomarkers to the 9th Annual Scientific Computing Days of the FDA.

this talk was part of the “Chemoiformatics for One Health” breakout sessio... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2021 August 20

OntoChem is now indexing >400 million public documents with semantic ontology concepts from over 35 knowledge domains using FAIR concept identifiers. For example, an ontology concept identifier (OCID) is assigned to each chemical compound, r... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2021 April 13

Have a look at our latest talk we gave together with Google and Collabra at the ACS Spring Meeting 2021 about “Synergy through integration of data sources”.

It isn’t self-evident that access to open-source data comes for ... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2021 February 23

The “Structured Product Labeling” (SPL) files of the United States FDA are a valuable public ressource for drugs on the market. Thus, UNII (Unique Ingredient Identifier) numbers are assigned to each drug and its chemical structure i... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2020 November 05

We gave a virtual presentation about SciWalker and SciWalker Studio as integrated tools for chemistry-focused semantic knowledge extraction as part of the BioData World Congress 2020 (that would have taken place in Basel were it not for the COV... read more

Claudia Bobach ∙ 2020 November 05

OntoChem was participating at the virtual edition of the 16th German Conference on Cheminformatics and SAMPL Satellite Workshop from 2-4 October 2020. We presented SciWalkerread more

Claudia Bobach ∙ 2020 October 07

OntoChem recently took part in the virtuell conference AI-SDV Conference “in Nice” on October 5th to 6th 2020.

We provided insight into an interesting  m... read more