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OntoChem’s Biomarkers at the Annual Scientific Computing Days of the FDA

07 October 2021

OntoChem has contibuted a presentation on its efforts to identify and extract novel biomarkers to the 9th Annual Scientific Computing Days of the FDA.

this talk was part of the “Chemoiformatics for One Health” breakout session. Ee described our semantic technologies to extract biomarker information from unstructured text such as patents, scientific articles or conference reports and abstracts as well as normalizing data from databases such as ClinVar, COSMIC, GWAS and OMIM. More than 39 million biomarker datasets have been extracted.

Analysis of this dataset is accessible via Google’s BigQuery Technology. An example of biomarkers for central nervous system diseases has been made avaible via a Kaggle python notebook, suggesting a link between glioma and schizophrenia based on the similarity of biomarkers for these diseases.

The webcast of this event is available:

Lutz Weber
Founder and CEO of the OntoChem GmbH