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FAIR and public Ontology Concept IDentifiers

20 August 2021

OntoChem is now indexing >400 million public documents with semantic ontology concepts from over 35 knowledge domains using FAIR concept identifiers. For example, an ontology concept identifier (OCID) is assigned to each chemical compound, reaction, species, disease or protein term ( Beyond indexing, small molecules, sequences and reactions are registered and made publicly available in Google’s BigQuery “SciWalker Open Data” dataset with a daily update. So far, OntoChem’s compound registry on BigQuery contains 137 million unique chemical structures extracted from patents and publications. Also, all ontology concepts are available for a public and FAIR lookup.

OntoChem’s OCIDs are also used and assigned by third party applications, for example Google Patents to the full text and images of all patent documents, or Digital Science’s Dimensions L&C.

OCIDs can be retrieved using am OntoChem’s public webservice running on a GCP cloud instance instance, e.g. using to retrieve all OCIDs assigned to aspirin from different knowledge domains, covering different meanings oft he term aspirin.

Felix Berthelmann