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OntoChem joins the Digital Science family

07 June 2023

Pharmaceutical industry to benefit from the strategic acquisition. 

OntoChem GmbH has now been acquired by Digital Science, further cementing the partnership between the two companies.

OntoChem’s semantic indexing capabilities have been driving one of Digital Science’s product platforms, Dimensions Life Sciences & Chemistry, since 2021. 

Recognizing the importance of the partnership to the industry, Christian Herzog, Chief Product Officer for Digital Science and co-Founder of Dimensions, explains: “OntoChem is a strong strategic fit for Digital Science, in combination with our flagship product, Dimensions.

“OntoChem’s highly specialized search and extraction tools combined with Dimensions’ access to data from hundreds of millions of research papers, linked grants, patents and clinical trials, and access to data via Google BigQuery, creates a powerful analytical environment. We are already working with life sciences companies, including those in drug research and development, and we expect this to continue and grow in the future, he says.

OntoChem’s text mining, natural language processing and semantic data extraction technologies enable companies to obtain information from both unstructured and structured data, turning it into new knowledge for research and discovery, as well as for strategic decision-making. These tools are utilized by pharmaceutical, material science and technology-driven businesses.

Dimensions L&C has been using the ontologies from OntoChem, which currently include more than 600 million public documents with 30 million semantic ontology concepts and 150 million synonyms, in fields such as compounds, proteins, diseases, drugs, materials, methods, devices, species, and many more. In compounds alone, OntoChem accesses data from research into 2 billion compounds, which are critical to drug discovery.

Lutz Weber, CEO OntoChem, said the acquisition was positive news: “At OntoChem, we are delighted to become part of Digital Science – this will greatly support our long-term vision to extract the world-wide and comprehensive semantic knowledge from any scientific and related documents or databases, both from enterprise as well as public sources.” 

To learn more, read the press release from Digital Science.

Misha Kidambi