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Konstantin Kruse ∙ 2020 March 09

Probably most of the scientific information is captured in tables – for example in US patents from 2001-2017 we have extracted more than 10 million tables containing interesting properties on materials and compou... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2020 February 07

Many words can have different meanings – also known as “homonyms”. Homonymic terms are often the cause for false positive search hits. How do we use semantic indexing to find what you intended to?read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2014 August 06

Web services-based text-mining demonstrates broad impacts for interoperability and process simplification.
The Critical Assessment of Information Extraction systems in Biology (BioCreAtIvE) challenge evaluation tasks collectively represen... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2014 April 17

Gold Set for patent mining – extracting knowledge from patent claims
New text mining technologies like chain and enumeration reasoning allow to understand highly complex patent claims. For example, the utility of chemical compounds ... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2012 August 01

At the Amercian Chemical Society meeting („Hunting for hidden treasures: chemical information in patents and other documents“) in Philadelphia, OntoChem presented the automated SAR extraction from patents. First, chemical informatio... read more