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Lutz Weber ∙ 2020 September 10

OntoChem recently took part in the digital version of the 2020 Fall meeting of American Chemical Society (ACS). We were proud to participate in two talks about the discovery... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2018 February 12

OIS and novomol ( collaborate to jointly develop new Big Data analytics solutions in the field of compound properties. OntoChem IT Solutions is extracting compound properties from its large scale data collections such as patents... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2017 August 29

Download the PDF from the talk we gave recently at the 254th ACS National Meeting & Exposition in Washington:

„Understanding linguistic Markush expressions in chemical patents“ – (PDF 4,8 MB)

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Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2017 June 20

We will be at the 254rd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society dealing with „Chemistry’s Impact on the Global Economy“ that is held from August 20-24, 2017 in Washington, DC. If you are interested i... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2016 July 25

Bosch and OntoChem IT Solutions demonstrate the use of ontologies for inorganic materials at the MMM 2016, in Dijon, France. Please visit our presentation „Gathering materials properties from literature for the design of new materialsR... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2016 May 23

The chemistry enabled ontology editor software SODIAC has been released for free academic use. SODIAC may be used to create general ontologies or chemical ontologies and to perform advanced ontology manipulations for very large ontologies with ... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2013 July 09

Comprehensive full text chemistry searching

OntoChem has established a comprehensive chemistry search interface in OCMiner that allows to better search full text documents with chemical structures and chemical concepts – designed t... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2013 June 19

OntoChem has released a new version of its open access semantic search at Different to conventional text based search engines, ontology based OCMiner understands complex life science concepts such as chemical scaffold terms ... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2012 January 31

Ontochem GmbH is using its text analysis and knowledge mining technologies to retrieve information about plants, natural products that occur in these plants, their uses and biological activities, as well as molecular pathways including proteins... read more