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Comprehensive full text chemistry searching

09 July 2013

Comprehensive full text chemistry searching

OntoChem has established a comprehensive chemistry search interface in OCMiner that allows to better search full text documents with chemical structures and chemical concepts – designed to meet the information demands of chemistry product related industries.
Better compound search in US patents:
For example, searching [6]-paradol, a ginger natural product, by using the chemistry editor we obtain 115 references to US applications and granted patents in OCMiner, while the established SciFinder delivers a total of only 10 references to US patents or applications.
Better chemical concept search:
For example, searching the concept “monoterpene” from our chemical ontology as text, we obtain a total of 57,555 document references:

40,758 hits in US patents and applications,
14,477 hits in PubMed abstracts and
2,320 hits in open access PMC full text documents,
In contrast, using SciFinder to search the concept “monoterpene” results in a total of only 22,753 references from all SciFinder sources. Free delivers only 5,036 references to US patents and applications.

Felix Berthelmann