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SciWalker and SciWalker Studio Workshop at the 16th German Conference on Cheminformatics

05 November 2020

OntoChem was participating at the virtual edition of the 16th German Conference on Cheminformatics and SAMPL Satellite Workshop from 2-4 October 2020. We presented SciWalker and SciWalker Studio – our tools for chemistry focused semantic searching and data extraction. In this workshop we demonstrated SciWalker as a new chemistry focused search engine for life and material sciences using ontology based classifications and context sensitive annotation and indexing to search more precisely for documents that contain topics of interest. We presented the huge coverage of content, more than 200 million full text documents, ranging from patents up to Grant applications, clinical trials or drug labels, as well as special search functionalities like compound and reaction searches and download in your document collections. Data analytics as well as bulk downloads of your search results, programmatic API access enable Sciwalker as a next generation toolkit for data scientists. SciWalker Studio is bringing the SciWalker annotation and relationship extraction capabilities to your personal computer. In the workshop we explained how you can annotate and analyse your own data collections. Further we demonstrated how to use the syntax rule based knowledge extraction editor to extract compound-property relationships of your interest, developing personalized data extraction rules that can also be exported and exchanged. Results can be downloaded using RDF, CSV or XML formats to facilitate import into secondary data analytical tools like BigQuery and DataStudio.

During the workshop we highlighted useful functions and features of both tools. We also demonstrated how to extract explicit relationships from documents.

Claudia Bobach