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Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2021 February 23

The “Structured Product Labeling” (SPL) files of the United States FDA are a valuable public ressource for drugs on the market. Thus, UNII (Unique Ingredient Identifier) numbers are assigned to each drug and its chemical structure i... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2020 December 21

OntoChem and its partner Anixa Biosciences Inc. have verified that one of their recently discovered drug-like, small molecule compounds is similar in potency to remdesivir, the only approved antiviral drug agains... read more

Claudia Bobach ∙ 2020 November 05

OntoChem was participating at the virtual edition of the 16th German Conference on Cheminformatics and SAMPL Satellite Workshop from 2-4 October 2020. We presented SciWalkerread more

Lutz Weber ∙ 2020 September 10

OntoChem recently took part in the digital version of the 2020 Fall meeting of American Chemical Society (ACS). We were proud to participate in two talks about the discovery... read more

Adnan Ali ∙ 2020 March 09

Probably most of the scientific information is captured in tables – for example in US patents from 2001-2017 we have extracted more than 10 million tables containing interesting properties on materials and compou... read more

Lutz Weber ∙ 2020 January 15

A lot of scientific information is captured in images – we are using machine learning techniques such as deep neural networks to classify images.  For example, we have applied transfer learning to train a deep co... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2019 January 31

Continuing our long term efforts to make chemical information available to everyone, the OntoChem IT Solutions is proud to be able to join the InChI Trust. The InChI Trust is the agency behind the internationally agreed standard representation ... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2018 February 12

OIS and novomol ( collaborate to jointly develop new Big Data analytics solutions in the field of compound properties. OntoChem IT Solutions is extracting compound properties from its large scale data collections such as patents... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2017 August 29

Download the PDF from the talk we gave recently at the 254th ACS National Meeting & Exposition in Washington:

“Understanding linguistic Markush expressions in chemical patents” – (PDF 4,8 MB)

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Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2017 June 20

We will be at the 254rd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society dealing with “Chemistry’s Impact on the Global Economy” that is held from August 20-24, 2017 in Washington, DC. If you are interested i... read more