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Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2020 November 16

OntoChem announces the release of SciWalker Studio, a new semantic software that allows its users to annotate named entities and to extract complex semant... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2020 November 05

We gave a virtual presentation about SciWalker and SciWalker Studio as integrated tools for chemistry-focused semantic knowledge extraction as part of the BioData World Congress 2020 (that would have taken place in Basel were it not for the COV... read more

Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2020 October 15

We created a quick video explaining our mission of annotating all the world’s life and material science information in order to make it semantically accessible.

You can access it here:

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Felix Berthelmann ∙ 2020 June 10

Let our CEO Dr. Lutz Weber tell you about SciWalker’s unique semantic chemical search capabilties.

The video was recorded as part of ChemAxon’s „Cheminfo Stories“ Partner Session.