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IT for food, flavors and fragrances

15 May 2013

OntoChem has established a new comprehensive “food, flavors and fragrances” knowledge dictionary that has been designed to meet the information demands of FFF related industries. This dictionary is used to annotate public or your private documents, enabling true semantic concept searches by our proprietary search engine.
For example, searching the concept “food colorant” we obtain 10-100 times more relevant hits in important document sets when compared with other known search engines:
331,222 hits in open access PMC full text documents,
81,134 hits in US patent applications and 79,587 hits in US granted patents,
118,660 hits in PubMed abstracts.
In comparison, searching “food colorants” in PubMed results only in 2% (2,401) hit documents , while the MeSH search term “Food Coloring Agents” in GoPubMed yields 1,143 hits in the same set of documents. A Google Patents search on “food colorants” delivers only 5% (8,400) of the patents or patent applications found by our OCMiner.

Felix Berthelmann